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Useful Information

If you intend to study in the Republic of Belarus at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, you have to be ready to bear the following fees:

  • tuition fees (at the Preparatory studies, Russian language courses, faculties of the University);
  • obligatory one year medical insurance - 170 euro;
  • obligatory medical examination - 70$;
  • registration in the Organs of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus - 40$;
  • residence in the hostel of the University (2-4 persons in a room) – 50-60 $ per month;
  • exit-entry visa during the vacation - 30$,
  • the minimum of foodstuff per week - 50 $;
  • the cost for breakfast and dinner in the University canteen - 5-7$;
  • a ticket for all kinds of transport means (buses and trolleybuses) - 15$ per month.


The average temperature in Belarus in summer time (June - August) is from 18C to 30C.

In autumn - winter period (October - March) it varies from -25C to 10C. So it is necessary to make provision for the expenses connected with buying winter clothes and footwear (400-500$).

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