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Education Establishment


invites you to get Master’s degree

Master’s Degree Programme is the second stage of higher education in the Republic of Belarus. Master’s Degree Programme provides specialized training, scientific research and the training of general education disciplines.

The training is carried out on the individual curriculum. The list of special training disciplines can be changed according to the request of the educational service customer.


Entrance requirements:

  • The level of education (a diploma of higher education recognized in the Republic of Belarus);
  • To know the language in which the training will be conducted (Russian or English)


The training format

  • Form of education – Full-time course
  • Duration of training – 2 years
  • Language of training – Russian, English
  • Tuition fee for Master’s Degree Programme trained in Russian– 2500 USD
  • Tuition fee for Master’s Degree Programme trained in English– 3500 USD


Accommodation fees and terms

  • Each foreign student is provided with a place in a hostel.
  • Residence in hostel of the University (depending on a room and facilities of the hostel) - 30-50 USD per month.
  • The payment can be performed in one stage or for each term partially.
  • Fee for a rented accommodation – from 120 USD per month.


Administration expenses

  • • Obligatory one year medical insurance - 170 euro;
  • • Obligatory medical examination 50-70 USD (depending on a country);
  • • Registration in Internal Affairs Department of the Republic of Belarus – 50 USD;
  • • Preparing a notarized translation of the passport into Russian – 20USD
  • • Exit-entry visa during the vacation – 30 USD


If you have any questions:

  • International Students Department
  • Phone/fax: +375 152 730068;
  • MTS: +375 29 569-88-12.
  • Our website: www.education.grsu.by
  • E-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.
  • For more information about the University and admission requirements see www.abit.by



Master’s degree programs


Specialty Academic degree
World Economics Master of Economy
Finance, money circulation and credit Master of Economy
Economics and management of the national economy Master of Economy
Mathematical and instrumental economical methods Master of Economy
Economics and enterprise management Master of Economy
Ecology Master of Biology
Biology Master of Biology
Theory and methodology of education (mathematics) Master of Pedagogics
Theory and methodology of education (informatics) Master of Pedagogics
Computers and systems Master of Engineering
Mathematical modeling, numerical techniques and program complexes Master of Physics and Mathematics
Applied mathematics and information science Master of Physics and Mathematics
Mathematics Master of Physics and Mathematics
Applied computer analysis of data Master of Applied mathematics and Information technologies
Theory and methodology of education (physics) Master of Pedagogics
Physics     Master of Physics and Mathematics
Radiophysics Master of Physics and Mathematics
Construction materials processing in automobile production Master of Engineering
Transport Master of Engineering
Building Master of Engineering
Jurisprudence. Master of Jurisprudence
Legal support of the economic activity Master of Law
Legal support of the public authority. Master of Law
Legal   support of foreign economic activity Master of Law
Prosecutorial and investigative activities Master of Law
Legal provision of alternative ways of resolving conflicts and disputes Master of Law
Theory and methods of pre-school education Master of Pedagogics
Theoryandmethodsof education (elementary school) MasterofPedagogics
General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education Master of Pedagogics
Educational management. Master of Education
Theory and methods of physical education, sports training, health improving and adaptive physical culture. Master of Pedagogics
Musical Art Master of Arts
Germanic languages Master of Philology
Romanic languges Master of Philology
Theory of language Master of Philology
Comporative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics Master of Philology
Applied and computational linguistics Master of Philology
Literature of the people of foreign countries Master of Philology
Literary Studies Master of Philology
Linguistics Master of Philology
Innovations in foreign languages training Master of Education
World History Master of History
Native History Master of History
Sociology MasterofSociology
Psychology Master of Psychology
Journalism Master of Philology
Politology Master of Political Science
Psychologicalcounselingandpsychologicalcorrection Master of Psychology
Social Psychology Master of Psychology